Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Once again I'm proving how much of a sloth I am. I should studying (or atleast attempting to) Physics for the BIG exam tomorrow. Yet I'm here.

But I can't help it. I have a new blog. *squeals* Again. Yeah, for the.. well, I lost count the number of blogs I made and deleted/abandoned. Yeah, I have a fixation on finding the perfect layout, making a blog, make it look perfect-esque enough for my deluded-self, scribble random ranting and/or profound moments for the first few months and abandoning/deleting it after remembering on a boring day for chatting on-line.

But I have a.. nice (Ms. Honey, my English teacher would so deduct marks right now if this was an eassay or something. She has something against the word 'nice', that women.) feeling about this blog. Okay, I say that about every new blog I make. But whatever. I really do have a nice feeling this blog-and-blogger relationship might last. Maybe months. Or years. Really.

Okay, okay I better get ass out of here (what the hell?), horrific formulas and definitions of the Physics world are awaiting to torture me.


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