Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tainted Idyll

Reach out, and you take my heart away
Exhilirating bliss and serenity shattered
Once sheer conscience and stupid reasoning caught up
Break down, and cease all feeling
Burn now, what was once breathing

And in the mirror, a fragile wreck
Coming tears form deep within
I wish it could be still
But it was a just a 'visit'
Oh, it must be hidden

In your promises, I see a flaw tantalizing me
In the past it dwells, it stays
I'd give you my hand if you reach out and grab it
But now, memories it can only be
T'was temporary bliss, permanent sorrow

One day I hope you can forgive
As I loved you..
But goodbye came

Note: Yes, another poem inspired by him. Poo.


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