Saturday, December 09, 2006

Laments of a Broken heart

So I can't go to deviantART. The internet provider in our area blocked it. Urgh. I hate it when they do that. Anyways, I've got a new poem. Here it is:

Laments of a Broken heart

"I have to tell you something.
What is it?"

The space could be ignored,
But its emptiness won't be filled.

The truth were hidden,
But it couldn't be denied any longer.
The words seem to waver,
But they insist to be heard.
The tears are strongly held back,
But they fall, nevertheless.
The kiss longed to be deepened,
But it doesn't even continue.

"We can't be together.
I thought I could go through this, but.. I can't."

Angst engulfed my fucked-up self
Misery has an undying passion for me
Warm nights turned to cold nightmares
Fairy tales of fantasy torn apart
Romantic movies and songs, unbearable
Solitude, a dreaded reminder I'm not with him

"Why? Is it me? Have you found someone else?
No.. I just can't anymore."

Like Blue, he found the best in me,
Like Rocksteddy, he set me free,
Like Mandy Moore, he was my only hope,
Like Cueshe, I hoped he would stay,
Like Avril Lavigne, I wanted a happy ending with him
Like Natalie Imburglia, I'm torn,
Like Tamia, I'm officially missing him,
Like Parokya ni Edgar, I find myself coming back to him,
Like Callalily, I'm saying I love him once again,
Like Westlife, I think I'll be loving him forever
Damn, God help me.

"What? Whatever it is, I have faith we can overcome this."

Oh, bittersweet Love,
You meddlesome, pesky prick
Euphoric happiness, you are
You bring ecstasy to its zenith
Your cunning tricks are horrific
Pain, you could bring, unpredictable

"Do you still love me?

The lonesome waits for you
Couples and lovers devour you
Loathe and longing you get from the wretched

"Then why can't we be together?
No.. we're just not meant to be."

You stormed a hurricane to my life
Reminiscence of the past you left
With nostalgic feelings for eons of love,
And permanent sorrow for unrequited love

"Do you know how much you're hurting me?"

Philosophers, writers, poets
Many tried, few succeeded
Yearning to experience your phenomenon

"I'm sorry.. goodbye."

My own attempt fruitless
Maybe someday, I'll try again

But for now I'm just a broken heart
With a lone lament

Note: Entirely done by me. Once again, one of my many poems inspired by him. >.< I think it's too long. But I dunno, it just.. feel right.


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