Monday, December 18, 2006

Oh joy, joy.


The frickin' exams are OVER.
Oh joy, joy. You have no idea how happy I am right now.

Tomorrow's the class party. No one's practically coming.

Why? Because the teachers live to torture us and so have decided to give the exams papers on that day. Like what the heck? We came to a yes, lame but nevertheless long-awaited class party and what did they decide to do just crash our mood?! Give the exam papers.

Oh yeah. Sure way to spend a party, crying over the exam papers we have tried to forget ever doing.

Ergh. Whatever.

The only reason I'm gonna come is beacause we [qkaii, kyao, bunso, pardz, sis] are going out after school. Yay! I don't exactly know where we're gonna go but I don't care. I am going out with chokiz again for the first time in months.

Oh joy, joy.

I have a new layout! Wee! It's the first one made by myself. Gosh, it's so simple and er.. very simple but yay, I'm so proud I actually managed to made one. Hehe. Thank Goodness for Microsoft FrontPage!!


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