Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How I've Turned Boring

Well, surprise, surprise, I'm not studying. Haven't done that for weeks since the exams started.

Hm, that came out wrong. I actually haven't been studying that much for the exams lately. Thank goodness it's our Life Skills exam tomorrow. We nothing to study for that! WEE!!

Oh well, never mind. I'm bored right now. I'm not in the mood to chat with anyone right now. I WANT CHRIS though. Oops, that came out wrong.

Ack, my poems are already inspired by him, must my entries be filled with him too? If one of my friends were here, I'd probably ask them to whack my head right now. On second thought, forget it. They whack pretty hard. T_T

Oh, I walked to our house from the school today. And it was raining damn hard. You'd think living in a Middle-Eastern country would get less rain but no. Walking has never been so much like a nightmare.

I mean, it's already winter so it's frickin' cold and there are lots of mud on the way to our building being it in the middle of the desert plus it was raining. I realize I don't have to be so paranoid but hello, I just a fever and have a cold now, I really don't want to miss my exams. And-

HAHAHA. I can't believe I was just gibbering about the weather. The Weather. Geez, have I been partially possesed by boring,dull spirits?!

Yeah, I think I better stop now before I write anything more revoltingly embarrassing.


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