Thursday, December 21, 2006

Vanity Sessions at City Centre

Yay! I'm so happy, Winter Break started two days ago!

The class party was much more fun than I expected. The teachers ditched the idea of giving the exam papers on the same day. Anyways, it was a blast. My feet ached from too much dancing. The food was good. Too bad only few students came. We were like, only 16.

After that, we went over my house so that I can change my clothes. Then we took a bunch of buses to go to Bern's house so that everyone else can change. Ack, that journey took about two hours, damn, Dubai traffic.

Anyways, when we finally did arrive at City Centre, after much more traffic, the first thing we did? Pictures! Haha! Seriously, right after we got off the taxi, we asked the dude who was in charge of that area to take a picture of us. Yeah, we're that fanatic when it comes it taking pictures.

Then after that we went to this part of the mall we call DR, don't ask. And what did we do? Take pictures. I mean, lots. We spent about an hour and half there. We didn't even realized the time until Bern's digi-cam was giving signs we it was low-bat. It was so much fun. Vain, but fun. It even came to the point we were laughing so hard on the floor for no apparent reason. It was kinda embarrassing when I was posing on the floor with Czarina when this lady came in. Haha!

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We were initially searching Christmas' gifts for er.. special people BUT every time we passed by a shop we couldn't resist going in. Especially at Forever21. Haha! We were only gonna 'try on a few clothes' but right after we try on clothes, we take pictures and we just couldn't help buying one. Haha!

Good thing, I pestered Ma with money the other night. Weh, but I still didn't get to buy the leggings and headband. Luckily, my psychotic friends were still sane enough to stop me. Ooh, but I found the perfect gift already! Hm, I just hope it won't be too obvious that Bern and I bought the same exact thing for both of them. =S

I was too tired the next morning. My legs were frickin' aching so much! Gah. But I didn't get to go out yesterday, just went to church for the simbang gabi.


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