Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another One

Yeah, I made this one ages ago. I almost forgot I made it. XD. It's about two opposites falling in love and living happily ever after. How I wished that could happen in reality, you know?! Anyways. Here it is. Warning: It is long. And rather lame. Don't continue if looking for something interesting.

Tale of Two

he spit on her
she pulled his pants
he teased her
she mocked him

he called her names
she wrote FAG on his locker
and they were childhood enemies

he was partnered in Bio. with her
she had no choice
he learned about her
she found out the real him

he discovered her weaknesses
she saw through his facade
and they became friends

he confided in her
she listened to him
he gave her support
she comforted his anguish

he changed her demure act
she corrected his bad-boys ways
and they became more than friends

he got drunk at a party
she wasn't there
he kissed her best friend
she had no idea

he told her
she already knew from rumors
he asked for forgiveness
she felt too betrayed
and they broke up

he saw her happy, it saddened him
she wanted to forget the past
he dated her best friend
she moved on with his brother
and they began to loathe each other

he's now a successful businessman
she's an accomplishing journalist
he enters a cafe
she's sitting by a table

he saw her at once
she met his gaze
and they gave it a another try

he had always loved her, even when they broke up
she was still waiting for him, throughout the whole time
he wanted to marry her
and she accepted his proposal
and they lived happily ever after


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