Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Yay! Christmas!

Well, the Xmas Party of YFC at Zabeel Park was a blast. I didn't think I could make it, but I did! Yay! Some of them this skit thing. It was funny, but I think they were kinda mocking na.

Pictorials. Gosh, we couldn't get enough of them. You'd think we had better stuff to do but NO.. it was like the Oscars without Brad Pitt. Even the guys were becoming vain. Influenced by the prettyful girls. Haha!

Oh, oh and the longest line game! Our team lost! I kinda wished we did more games but I think we were too err, scattered! Haha! Oh yeah, we exchanged gifts. I got this from Pauline, this adorable new member from Jebel Ali. Only I er, don't exactly know what it is though.

After it was time to go home, no one did. We just jammed and.. took more pictures! It was fun! Singing like morons, making faces at every moment someone raised their digicam.

My family and I spent Christmas here at our house this year. But on New Year we are gonna spend the weekend at Fujairah. Anyways. I wasn't actually in the Christmas mood this Christmas. Maybe it's because I'm heartbroken.. or I didn't get the leggings I wanted?! I just don't feel Christmas right now.

Bah, whatever. I think I'm being just too selfish. Christmas isn't about receiving. It's about giving. I shouldn't be thinking about me, it's the birthday of Jesus! And most importantly Christmas isn't about us, it's about Him.

Happy Christmas everyone!


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