Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bite That Apple

The Advertising industry are evil manipulators.

First you see it in a magazine ad surrounded by enhanced texts with the item- all shiny. It's enhanced by colors that are either pop art or the corporate opposite. You nod at its beauty. "Aaah,", you say. What's even more eye candy is that it seduces you to the words such as SALE, and for some reason you flip the page with the item immediately swimming in your subconscious, thus an indication that the desire to buy is planted.

Fast forward:

You turn on your T.V. Having no subscription to cable, you get to view some three minute advertisements every seven or so minutes of the program you patronize to watch. The visuals you saw earlier on the paper is there again. Blood rushes through your system signaling you to some "Buy-me syndrome". The television ad is even more commanding than the previous. The audio goes well with its now animated geezer. You scorn the fact that some loser is the one wearing it instead of you. You somehow resist.

More fast forward:

But the thought is addictive even outside, you drool at some highway billboards, mall pamphlets and gawk even at door ad comfort rooms. Eventually the corporate bastard would win you by some million-dollar effort.

This audio-visual bombardment covets you to buy things you don't really need. And the ironic part? It makes you regret after purchase.

A week ago, I bought a pair of brown-tinted Mango aviators. The tag price didn't bother me- my godmother gave me a shopping voucher as an early birthday gift. Later that day, I wondered why I bought chose it in the first place.

A confession: "Buy-me syndrome" is still in my head; I think I want an iPod video. In two week's time, I'd be broke, unless I snap out of this.

To my future 30 gig iPod video:
I don't need you, but I want you.. "my preciousss".


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