Thursday, January 11, 2007

Discovering Anime

For the first time in many weeks, I wasn't late at school. My mind was barely functioning properly, my hair resembled something like a bird's nest and my body was craving for the comforts of my bed.

'Pamela!! I love naruto!'

My classmate, Julia burst into our class, screeching and possibly damaging my eardrums. She started babbling and gibbering how, when and all other details she could think of about her newfound love- naruto.

Actually, I don't watch anime at all. I've never really tried. I thought it was just pointless to watch a bunch of cartoons, only to struggle reading the subtitles since I can't understand the language.

In our school, only Filipinos and a few other students actually know what naruto or even anime is. Being her only choice left as her listener, I was given an in dept, full-blown details of each and every episode she watched. Though my naruto-addicted friends have told me almost the same thing, I found myself being intrigued by it.

Which was probably why right now I'm waiting, waiting, and getting annoyed that the episode is taking so ridiculously long to load.

Today was the Open House. I was depressed and bored at the same time. When I wasn't blog hopping or downloading mp3s, I was trying to ignore the dread of what might my teacher might be telling my mom right at that moment.

I guess I didn't even realize the extent of my boredom since I looked up an anime site and explored the world that has captured oh-so-many hearts.

And you know what? I'm hooked. Addicted. Passionate. Yadiyadiya, you get the picture.

Oh, yes. It finished loading. Yay!


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