Monday, January 08, 2007

Renewed Friendship

From afar we looked like any other normal 15-year-old friends.

Our conversation was easy and flowing. We were eager to go home and rest but we were quite comfortable with each other's presence. We laughed like old times, talked about almost everything, sang stupidly in the light drizzle that appears only during winter in this desert city, made fun of each other, share unmentioned happenings in our little world.

No one would have ever guessed that the same time a year ago, I would have looked passed her and went on. We did everything to avoid each other. We were just polite used-to-be friends that don't talk. We have similar friends. It was kinda awkward when we're forced to be with each other; cold and unresponsive to each other's presence.

Many things drove us apart. Mainly her (and others) disapproval of my boyfriend back then that apparently caused my changes. Then each other's new set of friends. Add that to the fact that she's ...

Fights broke out, revenges were started, I didn't care anymore if other people thought bad of her and her friends. I was too driven with emotions.

There were times I wondered why would they said those things or wished her (and others) head would just be chopped off. I can't remember the number of times I say, Bitch! every time her (and others) name were mentioned.

Eventually everything passed by like a blur. Time and space allowed us to heal and forgive. The desire to attempt for a fresh start in the light that this would our last years in highschool probably drove us to rekindle.

They were gaps.

But it was better.

I kept the new set of friends, lost the boyfriend and supported her relationship with her boyfriend. She (and others) accepted my ex-boyfriend ( before we even broke up), befriended my new friends and happy that I'm quite close to her new friends.

A while ago, when we bid each other goodbye, it was kinda hard to believe that for the first time this year our conversation and goodbye sounded almost.. real. Sincere.

I guess the time and space did help.


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