Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

In the year 2006,

- Met new friends, lost some.
- Been talked about behind my back by someone I thought was a friend.
- Judged by a frickin hypocrite who barely knows me.
- Had my first serious relationship.. and broke up.
- Drew away from God.
- Lied to my parents about a LOT of things.
- Sneaked out of the house.
- Got increasingly low marks.
- Got caught in places and with people I'm not supposed to be with.
- Went to a police station.
- Been a hypocrite and two-faced.
- Found God again.
- Befriend and forgive ex-friends.
- Was too late to become friends with someone.
- Was mean to a newcomer.
- Broke people's hearts and got my heart broken as well at times.

Gah. I'd rather not continue. Haha. I try so hard to remember the nice and happy things but no. I can only remember the shitty things I've done.

What to do? That's life. You try to be perfect and that's what it might it seem but reality slaps you right in the face to remind you it's crazy. Gahh. Lord, it's another year. Gusto ko na bagong buhay. Let me follow You.

So my resolution for this year?
Hmm.. think more. Definitely!


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