Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Consequence of Not Wearing Glasses

Cheating in our school is easy . I mean, the teachers are blind and oblivious to what the students do the moment they turn their backs. Especially in Term Exams, I'd see students doing different kind of methods. It's like evolution is taking place in the cheating world every tests and exams. Once, I even got hit by a ball of tissue paper filled with definitions of IT terms last Term Exam.

For some inexplicable reason, I was never one of those people who can cheat efficiently. You see, I'm one of those people who get heard by a half the class whenever I try to whisper. So, pretending to cough and catch one of my friend's attentions in an attempt to know an answer? Yeah, not a good idea.

I had a mental block in our Arabic test the other morning. I just saw the paper and then, poof! It was as if everything I knew leaked out. I recognized the questions and I knew the answers. I was just incapable of jotting it down due to my freakoutedness.

During tests and exams, students are made to sit with students from other year, either higher or lower. Occasionally, I either get stuck with uber serial poke-ist or snobbish students. Thank heavens; the girl next to me was someone I knew from the school choir. Oh, but that's not it. She knows and speaks Arabic too.

She noticed my nervous fidgeting. After a while, she looked at my paper directly, wrote something on her paper and made a gesture towards that told to me to look at her paper to see what she wrote.

It was an answer to the definition I left blank.

Wee. I have the answer!

After they collected the papers, she looked at me and said, 'You dum-dum! You know Pamela, you really need to get your glasses fixed!' I stared blankly at her and she went on, 'I told you to copy this,', she doodle at a scrap of paper what she meant, 'But you wrote this,' she once doodled at the scrap of paper.

I looked hard at both of them. And I realized what she meant. I copied it wrongly. She wrote the correct answer. But I, who rarely wears glasses, didn't see it properly, hence spelt it incorrectly. Gah. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


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