Saturday, January 13, 2007


Don't mind the title. I don't think it even exists.

How will I start? For the past few minutes I've been trying and failing to finish a paragraph. There. I just deleted one again. Why did I make it in the first place if I was going to delete it?

I'm bored. No, correction. I have tons of stuff I have to do. I'm just procrastinating. I've learned from my past stupefied mistakes that when I don't want to do something I have to, I often become lazy. Then procrastinate. And then suffer the struggle of cramming workload in the last minute.

Gah. Enough.

On a completely different note:

- Our school's headmaster came to our Life Skills the other day, badgering us on our religious beliefs. And somehow, the topic came to what's the difference between assertive and aggressive, on a religious' mind level.

It's rumored that our headmaster is an atheist. He went on about a lot of things that most of us disagreed on. Most of us just listened. Our school's pretty conservative on being opinionated (ie, students with blogs are punished for some unknown reason).

- Why is Boy Bawang called Boy Bawang? Really. I understand the bawang part. But why is there a boy pa? Is it because the inventor was a guy?

Or maybe the inventor was a girl but her nickname was 'boy'? Hey, it could happen. One of my close friend's nickname is 'boy'. And she sure is a girl. It's just that the was chubby when she was younger so she was called, 'Baboy'. Only they shortened it to 'boy'.

- People find it easier to open up about their problems or perform/present in front of people they know very well or strangers. Right? Well, I do.

I once performed in an open mall for Dubai Music School without any severe nervousness yet my mom have to give me evil looks before I sing a karaoke song during occasions. Oh, and one of the things I sometimes write here are unknown to the most people I'm close to. Weird, right? I guess there's some sort of psychological reason for that.

Hm. On second thought, I'd rather not.

- Envelopes. It's pronounced as 'on-ve-lop'. Not 'en-ve-lop'.

My 7th grade English teacher explained to us back then that 'envelope' is in fact a French word that's erm, adapted by the English. Thus, pronouncing it wrong since in French grammar 'e' is pronounced with the sound of 'o'. It tuns out that half English-speaking people people don't know this. Isn't that cool? Yeah, I'm such a geek at times.

- ABC and twinkle twinkle have the same rhythm. My friend told me this after reading a Friendster bulletin. Sad to say, I actually sang it in my head to make sure.

Anyways. My YM's is emitting alarmingly, loud pinging sounds since I'm not responding to any of my friends. Hm, they must be annoyed since I'm always the one complaining they're taking too long to reply. Haha.


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