Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Love Shit

love crap

I'm curious.

This emotion that has captured oh-so-many hearts brought inexplicable joy and dooming misery to its user. I don't get it. I'm ashamed at the number of times I've tried, and failed. It ticks me off.

Once upon a time I told myself to lock my heart and throw its keys. To build emotional barriers to prevent myself from feeling the pain I can see people around me were feeling. Which is just even better because, me? Love? Yeah, I want to think I don't make bad choices in that issue. But I do.

So I finally succeed in accepting the fact that love will just have to wait. But then a stupid person walks right in and squashes that belief, until you go, "Damn, I'm in love."

And suddenly you understand why that dude build the Taj Mahal for his wife, why Juliet stuck a dagger to her heart, why the Trojan war started because of a run-away queen.

How a thing called love could subject countless poems, books and songs. How it can sway battles, and change minds, to alter history. How a thing called love could cause people to be contradictory and thickheaded and was so often the demise of great lovers and powerful men. How a thing so trivial as love, so insignificant as a look or a touch or a hug, rule thousands.

Basically, you get it. What love is. At least you think so until life's poker game unfairness snaps you back to reality to remind you that life is not perfect. And that all good things must come to an end.

So there, that ticks me off.

But you know what really ticks me off?
The fact that after life's harshness and love's complications, it's just the beginning. And there's more.


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