Friday, February 09, 2007

Blogging About Not Blogging

  • Physics, Computer and Biology pending [in my world this means: not yet even started] projects plus consistent dance practices added to my mounting pile of homeworks-only-done-during-weekends are providing me with crap doses of headaches, hair-pulling frenzies, momentary brain freeze and fleeting vexations.

  • I need to clean/arrange my closet. Every morning, I see this pile of jumble inside the poor over-loaded thing begging for neatness. It’s coincidently lucky we wear a maid-like dress to school so unless they force me to go naked, no one would notice that I just iron the sleeves of my equally revolting polo shirt. I’m going to give in to my closet’s plea and finally arrange it in a way that would make any momma proud. Tomorrow.

  • My brain cells are draining out. I just read my past two entries and I realized how lame assed they sound, I could picture the people reading it practically hurling. I have to admit they were lacking my usual ‘spirit’ at blogging. My mind usually comes up with random things to discuss at the wrong time so I hope, no, I intend to come back with posts that would satisfy my weird expectations for this blog.

  • A personal undefined reason. Two personal undefined reasons, in fact. One, my emotional capacity cannot handle about something that someone told me. The other one, well, the clouds look nice don’t they? Pfft, fdshjfi fadfdfadf[sorry, couldn't think of a rational way to curse].
With those in mind, my fellow bloggers and non-existent readers, I intend to be gone for a while. When I will be back, I do not know.


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