Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Don't Like Your Brother Anymore

"Wow, you're sitting next to me again.
May gusto ka saken noh?"

Ang kapal ng mokong na yun.

Me? Like him? As if. He's the walking-and-talking annoying Kuya I never had.

It's not fault I always end with him, next to him, behind him. Besides, why would I even want to be with him when I practically go ga-ga over his brother.

Then he goes, "You look pretty today Pam. Really you do. I don't know what it is, but you do. complete with hard-to-understand expression mixed with sincerity. Gah. Nang-bola pa. Pero naniwala naman ang yours truly. Tsk, tsk.

Then he stares continuously, having an inner battle meters away from me, sending telepathic vibes such as "I'm looking at you Pam.". Naman eh. Why, is it because I got some smudge on my face, is my fringe hanging weirdly again or do I just really have huge dung on my nose? Pfft.

But you know what?

I actually want to say 'Thanks' to 'Kuya'. Not that he reads my blog or let alone knows I have one, but I just want to. So, thanks. Thanks for the corny jokes and backhanded compliments that are as old as your favorite glasses, which nevertheless amuse me. Thanks for putting up with my (as you call it) 'Diva-ness'. Thanks for being there, to annoy and to listen to, when there was no one else.

And if he'll ask me again? Yeah, okay. Fine. It's not his brother Peter that I like, it's him. May gusto pala ako sakanya.

And now I take this opportunity to use his overrated expression that makes the girls in YFC giggle like hyenas and use it to my expense: Ohmyfreakinguitar.


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