Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Of Dances and Latino Freaks

So, I still can't remember the steps for our dance on Razzmazz Day -this is another attempt of our school to somehow make it bearable for us- or whatever it's called but for me, I call it the Carnival(erm, yeah don't ask). Basically, it's a day filled with "entertainment, sports and fun."

I find that break dancing is hot, salsa truly sensual, air ballet as something I would love to excel ever since watching Lara Croft in Tomb Raider gliding away to glory (only finding out that to air ballet you actually have to know ballet pretty much crushed my erm, dreams). I like dancing. Only, memorizing the steps? Er, yeah. It's like this: I know the steps, how to do them and the rest. Only I can't apply them. Gah. Does that make sense?

A 'Latino' dance group had been bugging us lately. I know I shouldn't get overboard, but they're really starting to tick us off. We were chosen to be the first group to open the "show" and I guess they didn't much agree with that.

They claim our steps were too easy and are just being repeated all over again when they're own steps can be efficiently mimicked by my 9-nine-year-old sister. Come on. And that's not it. Every morning, before class we go to an empty classroom just so that we can practice. But guess who we saw this morning, sitting there and not even doing anything other than just staring off into a daze.

Our dance rehearsal this afternoon was tiring, to say the least. In every corner of the auditorium, groups are rehearsing steps, trying to hear their song among the mass of other dancers and counting "1.. 2.. 3.." together as to avoid confusion. There was a lot of pressure since only two after-school staybacks were given even though the big day's on the 17th.

During rehearsal, I felt so proud when everyone cheered and clapped even though the dance was just starting and some of our steps are not yet finalized or memorized. Haha. Yeah, my level of happiness is rather low. Only our blissfulness burst out when the sound system started to act crappy again.

I'm off. We're discussing costume. Any ideas on what should go with camouflage pants are welcome.

Wish me luck on memorizing the steps.


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