Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hearts, hearts and more hearts

Erm, yeah, forgive the vainness, that was my way of 'expressing love'.

I tried to write about the history of Valentine's Day but I found the numerous myths and legends confusing and troublesome. Why put myself to that trouble? And I won't even try to write how my V-day was(is?).

Also, my attempts to write how sweet, affectionate, heavenly, infatuating, lovey-dovey, passionate, enchanting, excitable, cherished, ravishing, alluring, irresistible, and enticing (don't you just love the thesaurus?) it feels to spend a thoughtful gift or do something special with that special someone are pathetic.

I learned that Valentine's Day is just an overly rated commercialized holiday benefited by greeting card companies and teddy-bear makers. Oh, and couples too of course. I see no purpose in being given roses (or spending money on it) that will just eventually wilt away or being bought stuffed toys that are quite useless (and creepy, don't ask I just don't like them teddy's) and would only gather dust that could possibly diseased you.

Why a special holiday is needed to express your love when you could do that on any normal day is beyond me. But since this is the day to "express love", I'm refraining from being such a killjoy and whine trash thoughts further.

Truth be told, V-day wouldn't feel like V-day without the what-am-I-going-to-get-for-my-honey jitters, the sweet gestures and the whole extravaganza.

So, go out there, have fun, rack your brain to think of what to buy for that special someone and say 'I Love You' to the person you've been going ga-ga for the past centuries.


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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