Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And It Someone's Birthday

I realized my appearance have not changed that much. I'm still pretty much short, have the same chinky eyes, same milky-white complexion. I guess all the changes have to happen inside.

Earlier during the day, my classmates took the opportunity to sing to me since I'm not gonna be at school today. An embarrassing, blushing-worthy moment but nevertheless thoughtful.

I finally told my mom what she's been pestering me about. It satisfied her and I'm glad. I couldn't take much more of noise pollution.

The cellphone under my 4-year-old pillow vibrated more pleasantly than usual. I appreciated them all. The calls, the text messages and even the missed calls. They were touching, funny and I feel really lucky to have such friends.

One sent me a message even before the clock would strike 12 just so that she'll be the first to greet, one sang to me over the phone with matching beats and waited with me for 12 o'clock, and someone even texted me from Philippines. Another stayed up late till 3 am just so we can talk and another woke up as early as possible and woke me up to greet me.

My annoying little brother and sister poke me carefully this morning, my tita tickled my feet, my dad came to my bed and talked to me even though my brain wasn't fully functioning yet since I haven't had my morning coffee and my mom left me a greeting card full of encouragement and love with a spanking Dhs.100.

They all said the same thing. Short, simple words. But today, "Happy 16th Birthday Pam" made an impact on myself.

I think I got measles. Boo.


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