Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Big Sigh

Ever wished you could turn back time just so to correct your mistakes or to cherish the good stuff? Yeah, I wished I could do both.

It's been a busy week. Correction, weeks. No, busy hell weeks.

With our dance thing, Badminton practices for Sports Day, projects, someone I'm trying to avoid, prefect duties, Class Board (of which I was in charge of the design), my own mother pestering me on what my plans are for my freaking 16th birthday, my stupidity to choose to go out with friends during a hell week, I was in short, dead.

Wait till you hear the results.

All hell broke loose that day for our dance thing. The only highlight is that our first performance is flawless. Many thanks to Ate Dk for the hair and Maha for the make-up. Other than that? Pfft.

First off, the food sucked. It was inedible. So we went to the nearest mall to eat decent Mcdo's. But then our friend called us that the plans was changed and apparently right at that very moment we were talking to her, just one more dance and it was our turn. Walking really, really fast right after eating is inadvisable but we did just that anyway.

Then, some outsiders thought it would be fun to mock and throw money to the dancers before us. After a few fistfights, everything else was canceled. And things went out of hand. Emotions as well. People pointed fingers. I got carried away and snapped at someone even though he was just trying to help and calm me down.

As for the badminton practices, I don't think I'm even participating in that anymore. Our House Captain put me in even though I missed the tryouts but I think she lost her patience after I also missed the practices and my prefect duties.

And that someone I'm trying to avoid? Well, I'm proud to say I finally didn't. Avoid him, I mean. But you know what sucks? You can't protect someone from the truth, moreover, yourself. Sometimes you just gotta hurt the ones you love for them to know th truth. For his own good. And especially for your own sake.

And my projects? I finished them. Last night, actually. Good thing my mom pitied me enough to let me stay at home and catch on my other schoolwork and study for Social Studies tomorrow.

In regard to our Class Board, I can't say we're the best (the class next to us was my favorite) but we definitely worked as a team. Biased as it might seem, I think we did a great job.

As for going out with during a hell week, I think I needed that. Even though I didn't have to, I think I just needed to be with people who can make me forget about this hell week. And it was surely worth it.

The only thing left unsettled is my mom pestering me on my plans for my birthday. She kept saying things like, "I need to know whether or not you're going to invite friends over so I can know how much I should cook." Whether she was plain serious or attempting to joke, I do not know.


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