Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Failed Vegeterian: Exposed

Hey, classes are out at the moment, what's a girl to do when boredom strikes?

For some reason I had an urge to forbid my taste buds from ever tasting meat again and satisfy my stomach cravings with one of my most hated food group - vegetables. You should see my mom's reaction when I made this declaration, the look on her face? Ah, classic.

I was pretty motivated too. I got all these support from my family and friends as well. Sure, they thought I was just gonna give up at the end, but they tried very hard not to go, "Oooh, Pam, it's so delicious!". Oh, and supposedly there are tons of reasons why one should be a vegetarian (which I read in an article my moronic friend sent to me as a joke).

Deep breath.

It's healthy; vegetarians have a lesser chance from all those wacko illness. Humane as well, it really got me thinking that we systematically inflict cruelty on other species by simply eating them. Also, it's economical, meat is expensive. Most crops are grown for animals to be eaten, not humans. Meanwhile, a child dies in starvation somewhere.

And besides vegetarian eating is not about just boring leafy sticky things. You can still get protein, iron and calcium, knowing the right food. There's pasta, tofu and tempeh. Tofu is bean curd made from soya beans. Tempeh is a sort of nut-flavored cheese made from fermented soy beans. They're not just substitutes from meat, but rich in nutritions as well and a great source of protein. Hm, I think.


But just last night, dinner was ready. Even though I eat in less quantity, I'm a person who gets hungry every few hours. So, you can imagine my horror when on the table I saw this plate with its essence and flavoring practically sizzling above its new newly-fresh-out-of-the-kitchen body: beef steak. Urgh, why, why? I was doing so well!

Bwa. So much for vegetarianism. I couldn't resist it. I hadn't tasted meat for weeks. Pfft, so, sue me, I absolutely salute and admire those people but vegetarianism is just not for me.


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