Monday, April 16, 2007

Warning: This Entry Might Not Make Sense, I'm Too Happy

Oh yay, after a billion and zillion I'm alive again. =)

Can you believe how time flies so fast? One day you just got out of school thinking of the free days ahead and the next you're blogging about how life sucks again due to the fresh pile of homework and submissions for school. Ang saya noh?

It's only the second day since Spring Break finished and my workload are full. Thank goodness I still have weekends and Internet to look forward. Ahh, my refuge, my sweet. Is this the right moment to say something like, "The silver lining in the cloud.."? I remember reading it somewhere, I think it must've meant something like that.

They say that with great happiness, there's suffering after that. Like parang meron kapalit lahat ng kasiyahan. Is that true? Somehow, this seems to be happening to me a lot nowadays.

It's like the classic soap opera, with its tragedies and extras. One moment everything's so happy and blissful and the next you'll see tears and hairs being pulled. Seriously. I noticed it a lot that after a short period of time being happy, you get hit by this ugly fugly twist of events or an equally skull-opening dilemma.

You could say, I'm afraid now. I'm experiencing happiness again at its zenith. But I know somehow it gonna get ruin again. Wonder how bad it's exchange is gonna be? Er, yeah I'm paranoid that way.

It's like this; have you ever felt so happy you wondered if it was just a dream? Too happy you think you're chest will burst? Too happy you think you're jaw hurts from for smiling for no reason? Too happy you cry thinking what would happen if it ends?

Ack. That sounded sickingly cliche and cheesy. I can't believe I just wrote that. Out loud. For the whole wide world to read. And I can't even deny them, they're all true. See, what I mean about being too happy? I can't even contain it.

So, why you may ask am I suddenly bursting with joy unknown to my usually-depressed-self?

Well, I guess you could say.. someone is making me happy. ^________________^


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